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Christ Care
Christ Care Groups:
Christ Care - Sauer, "Single, But Not Alone" was started in early 1999.  The group consisted of several widowed ladies who decided their mission would be making baptism banners for all the babies and children baptized here at St. Paul.  The first banner was made in July 1999. In the 10 years since then, there have been about 86 banners made for children and babies baptized here.  Thare have been a few made on special request by members of St. Paul for family members being baptized elsewhere, placing the total of Baptism banners made at 90 or more to date.

Members of the group have included Gladys Taves, Rosemary Gane, Evelyn Seslar, Lois Koth, Louise Grubbs, Priscilla Pophal, Gretchen Wurster, and Cathy Bahlow with Marge Sauer as the leader.  The group has lost a few members due to moving away or death, so there are four members left.  If anyone would like to join this group of dedicated ladies, you would be most welcome.  They meet on Tuesday mornings after Women's Bible Class.  The Bible Studies are interesting and encouraging.

The craft of making the banners for the newly baptized children is a mission of love toward the members of our congregation.  New members would be most welcome!!  Come and see what we do!